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Originally Posted by jinwons View Post
My Ally can last two days under moderate usage without any live update widgets running. Even with some more usage, going one and half day is no problem. Can you guys confirm this for Fascinate? I like upgrading the screen size, speed in Fascinate but don't want to downgrade battery, GPS.
i personally moved from a Ally to the Fascinate

i am a very heavy user, pandora streaming hours a day, browsing randomply, occasional youtube viewing, two email auto sync's running, beautiful widgets live weather running......and i run my screen at 80% brightness.....and some #andchat in there too....i also use the camera most days for work documentation.....seriously, my phone doesnt go 20 minutes without being used....which is why i dumped my Ally for the Fascinate, the Ally just couldn't keep up with me and started rebooting randomly to top it off

battery life is roughly the same when not pushed however i find the Fascinate lasts longer when you use it hard

for instance, i stream Pandora several hours a day at work, the Ally went dead on me more than twice in a 10 hour day. The Fascinate, even while running an overclocked kernel and all sorts of widgets and stuff going on, automatic personal gmail and auto company exchange email, etc....all running, my Fascinate still makes it home with 20% or so.....only once did it go dead

with both devices, when i sit at my desk for lunch i plug it in....just so you know, but my habits stayed the same, i just switched devices from Ally to Fascinate and it was an improvement
Samsung Fascinate
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