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Lots of good advise here, and no, I didnít take the belt to him. I do believe in ďspare the rod spoil the childĒ but the last thing I want to do to is strike him out of anger. That would only frighten him and make him more withdrawn. We ended up having a serious talk. He said he has been rushing through his work, not really following instructions. He admitted it was laziness but knowing my son, heís probably telling me what he thinks I want to here. I asked him to be open & honest with me and he claims it isnít bullying nor does he have any problems with other kids, teachers or faculty members. To describe my son, heís very impressionable, sort of like I was when I was a kid. He craves acceptance.

The teacher even said it was out of character for him because heís always active in class and one of the 1st students to help others. I monitored his homework last night and he knows the stuff, heís just impatient and makes careless mistakes. For example, he had to subtract & add fractions and then simplify the answer to a whole number or lowest fraction. Out of 12 problems he only simplified 4 of them, the other 8 where unfinished and could be simplified further. I think heís uninterested unless it deals with group participation where he can be vocal. Somehow he seems to lose focus very easily. He claims his study habits are good, he says he takes notes and reviews them periodically but I havenít confirmed if this is indeed true. I plan on setting up a parentís/teachers meeting so I can match what heís doing in school with what heís doing at home. Something isnít adding up.

As of now though, I have stripped him of all privileges. No internet, no tv, no playstation, no playing outside. Until he can prove that he can be responsible heís only allowed to study, eat, sleep and shit.
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