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Originally Posted by RiverOfIce View Post
I do not need to be a parent to read what you just wrote, did you actually read it? Really?
I don't like dismissing someone's opinion because they aren't a parent. However, sometimes it is obvious that someone only holds their opinion because they have NEVER been a parent.

Sometimes parents work long hours... yes. It's true. We have kids to support. I've done it. I eventually found another job, but for the entirety of my employment at that time, I worked Sundown to Sunup.... 5pm - 8am actually (5 to 7 days a week).

It was rough. That's not a family issue, and you shouldn't mistake it as such.

His wife being in tears. Really? My wife cried when my daughter failed a math test. When your child is failing in a grade, that's a normal response.

And taking the belt to a child that forged your signature... also a natural response.

None of these indicate family issues.

Don't worry about it though, one day when you have a family, you will understand that these things are how families work. The cleavers don't exist. Families are messy, emotional, horrible, and wonderful things... and all of those things WITHOUT family issues.
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