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Originally Posted by byteware View Post
I don't like dismissing someone's opinion because they aren't a parent. However, sometimes it is obvious that someone only holds their opinion because they have NEVER been a parent.
Yea, but I was a kid once. People think that THEIR child is soo different they only THEY know what is going on. I was simply pointing out that there was a disconnect between the real world and the world he was telling us about. We got a story about how he tried everything for his family. But when really read what he wrote, we have to see a few inescapable facts. ALL kids have problems in school. All families have issues. Everyone tries hard to make their child the best. But you know something, that is just a fallacy. When we remove all the blame out of the post. When we remove the shell game, passing the buck, and disillusionment of the fairy tell story, we end up with one concrete problem. The only three people and 1 child that can make a decisions about that child's future are not talking to each other on a regular basis. I would also try to remove any metal or physical problems out of the way. When was the last time you had the child in or an eye exam? He just may not be able to see the board. Is there history of depression or adhd? If there is no physical or mental reason for the child behavior. Then he simply slip through the parenting/teacher crack. The only 4 people that can fix this problem is the the two parents, the teacher, and the child. Don't let him play the middle. Meet and talk to the teachers on a regular basis. They will be floored if you do, my sister is a teacher, out of her 90 some students a year, she only get a phone call from a parent like 3 times a year, usually to blame her for the child failing the class. No parent in her 6 years of teaching has ever called her to make sure the child is doing ok. None. Being a parent means you have to be actively engaged in the child life. You do not control it movement for movement, but you need to make sure you set the parameters of what you want you child to do, how open or closed they are is up to you as a parent. Barring bullying, mental, or physical problem, I just say the kid found the quickest relief wins, the parent let that be a option. If you want to be angry at me, fine do so. But talk to the teacher on a weekly basis and let the child know he is in trouble until he pulls the grades. You may have to get a tutor until he catches up.
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