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Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
There is never, ever an excuse for striking a child. It is bullying, plain and simple. How do you feel doing it?
The same way I feel when they scream in time out... I don't like disciplining my child, but I do it because I love them.

Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
It is interesting when people enter a discussion about raising kids, etc and they want to make a case for physically attacking a young person. They'll use cute words, like "spanking," etc.
We call it "spanking" because that's VERY specific. Spanking is done on the bottom which is well padded to avoid doing any damage to the child.

"Strking" can be anywhere, and it's general intent is to cause damage...

So, yes, we use the specific term.

Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
Some will tell how they were assaulted and how it did them good. Of course, they have no choice, do they, because the parent hitting them was also the person providing food and shelter. People need to think about how disgusting a scenario that is.
Spanking is not assault. Anymore than sending a child to bed without dinner is starvation.

Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
It's simply cowardice and an admission that the parent does not know what they are doing so they resort to physical force. And it is quite common, look at the world, people at every level of society, world-wide, are solving their issues with violence and then, when they "win," talking about how "god" was with them, etc.
lol. I understand you don't like spanking, and you want to label it as something it is not. However, spanking (if done right) is not assault. It is designed to cause physical discomfort in order to deter children from doing something that they should not. It works best when they are younger and unable to reason WHY they shouldn't do things. As they get older and are able to reason more and more, spanking should be a last resort for serious issues.

By teen years, it should disappear altogether.


Now, that's not to say that people don't take it TOO far, and abuse their children in the name of corporal punishment.

I read a statistic about how many children died each year during corporal punishment.

I was pretty disgusted that people would lump a swat on the bottom with abuse so extreme that the child died from it.
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