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Originally Posted by kwilkins View Post
I just played with a G2 at T-Mobile and really liked it. I wanted to figure out what the difference between the forthcoming Merge and the G2 our.

Here are the ones I know about.

Slider mechanism.
Merge has Sense
G2 has optical trackpad.
G2 has 4G, Merge itís still unknown.

Besides these things are there any other important difference you think there will be between the two phones.

Areas Iím interested in:

Battery life.
Signal quality.
Call sound quality.
Photo and Video quality.
UI speed or lag.

Thanks for any info or opinions you can share.
Argh! T-Mobile is not 4G. HSPA+ is not 4G. No matter how much you scale the bandwidth of HSPA, it has physical limitations that will NEVER permit it to meet the requirements of 4G. LTE doesn't meet the criteria right now, but it can, and it already offers advantages over HSPA+ beyond bandwidth. HSPA+ will never be more than 3.9G. LTE is more appropriately pre-4G.

Keep this in mind. HSPA+ provides no advantage over HSPA at or beyond the halfway point to the edge of the cell. That means only 25% of a cell's coverage area will provide any benefit at all.
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