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Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
There is never, ever an excuse for striking a child. It is bullying, plain and simple. How do you feel doing it?
Either/or Fallacy? There could be several "excuses" for striking a child, in an odd case where the child has a gun and isn't reasoning with you, are you going to try and "talk" the child out of shooting another person making a grave mistake? The argument that it is always wrong, negates the complexities of the issue. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't to strike a child even, not even in the specific case of spanking.

Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
It is interesting when people enter a discussion about raising kids, etc and they want to make a case for physically attacking a young person. They'll use cute words, like "spanking," etc.

Some will tell how they were assaulted and how it did them good. Of course, they have no choice, do they, because the parent hitting them was also the person providing food and shelter. People need to think about how disgusting a scenario that is.
Straw man fallacy. Assaulting a child is incredibly different from spanking a child, you attack assaulting a child, and give the reason that is bad in this weird anecdotal type evidence to prove that spanking is wrong always? At best it's weak on the grounds of it's one anecdotal example trying to prove EVERY single example of spanking throughout how many years and scenario's of spanking in civilization?

Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
It's simply cowardice and an admission that the parent does not know what they are doing so they resort to physical force. And it is quite common, look at the world, people at every level of society, world-wide, are solving their issues with violence and then, when they "win," talking about how "god" was with them, etc.
[strike]Ad Hominem Tu Quoque fallacy.[/strike] You can disregard this one.

The post is lacking of several important factors that come into play. It made me feel so disgusted that those that have spanked are compared to an assault on a child in such manor.
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