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Okay, my first post here: I'll make myself useful by putting up a review. I'll save on useless niceties, and get right to work.

I ordered the Flytouch2 from I've had it now for about 27 hours. So far, I must say it's a steal.

The camera looks fairly decent. Not great, it will never replace your dSLR, but then, we aren't expecting it to are we? It has trouble compensating for poor lighting, so night shots are going to be trouble. No LED flash either.

I'm pretty certain that the camera is performing up to spec with some of the advertised 3MP resolution. I haven't checked the resulting file size yet, I'll get to it, eventually. At any rate, in good light, it's not terrible, autofocus is... sketchy... but it's not terrible.

It definitely has a gravity sensor, it knows which way is up. Accelerometers do work, the Tricorder app I downloaded can read the info from them... GPS reception is good with the antenna attachment. Just need a way to cache the maps now, if I ever want the world's most ridiculously huge GPS device.

Battery Life seems short, on the order of 4 hours constant use at medium brightness. A larger battery would be really helpful, but I'm one of those weird people who want a device to work for like, 10+ hours at full tilt before needing a recharge, so I could get on an international flight, watch movies, play games, land, update my facebook, get to a hotel, check my email, watch some youtube, and then plug in to enjoy a European vacation.

Capability wise, it eats Ipad for lunch, no doubt. Native support for USB keyboards and mice, they just work. It converts very quickly to an "Android Netbook". You can do that with Apple, but you have to jailbreak it first.

USB thumbdrives are recognized too, and so are external USB hard drives. That is awesome. Your precious $500 Ipad's memory will fill up with a dozen HD movies, but your Flytouch2 is all about the expandability. I'm probably getting a 500Gb external just to have it. I'd love to snag a USB bluetooth dongle, that would nice to test.

Built in Microphone, so it beats the Ipod touch there. Wifi is ready, I didn't get the 3g USB modem, sorry.

Having a LAN port is nice too, in case the wifi configs don't go smoothly with your router.

Using 2 memory cards is refreshing, you can load up with a couple of 32Gb cards, and you've got the Ipod's storage matched. The alignment is imperfect on those MicroSD slots, I accidentally slid my Micro card into the unit, just above the cage for the connector, but still underneath the plastic case, pulled it free with a scalpel, but I learned that you have to watch the alignment.

My license key is apparently already "used", so I'm unregistered, which is a bummer. Support staff at Euogo have replied that they will get me a new registration key, which I'll need to update the software. I'd like to update the software.

My unit seems to have trouble waking up from standby while a memory card is inserted into the upper uSD card slot. Popping the card free, and forcing a reboot with the power button gets the device to reactivate.

Updating to a froyo rom image may resolve that issue, I'd love to find out... if only I could upgrade.

I can get the android marketplace, no problems whatsoever. Youtube videos are mostly responsive, a few won't load, but for the most part, it works. Most of the free apps I've played with work without a hitch, and AngryBirds is nicer to look at on a 10 inch screen than it is on the Droid.

Video playback is smooth, I haven't tried the HDMI output yet. Again, this option kills Apple's Ipad. I can use my tablet as an HD movie repository, and enjoy those movies on any suitably huge HDTV I want. Ipad? Notsomuch.

All in all...

A good buy. $205 American, plus $35 and change for s&H.
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