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Default Firmware & Lagfix selection

Firmware and LagFix Selection Guide
Last Updated: November 16, 2010. Up-to-date as of November 16, 2010 13:21 CEST

As you may have noticed, there are a lot of firmwares on and it's not very clear which ones are best/least buggy etc.

In this section, I will give a general guide to which firmware to use depending on your preferences:

If you like the stock Samsung Galaxy S experience and are looking for the most stable/bugfree version:
-Flash I9000XXJPX according to HOWTO#1.
-Install the one of the kernels below or one of the lagfixes from FAQ#A6.

If you would like have the latest firmware and are willing to tolerate some bugs:
-Flash I9000XWJV1 according to HOWTO#1.

Lagfixes and Kernels:
In FAQ#A6 the currently used methods for lagfixes are described. There are a number of enhanced kernels (most of which use at least one of the lagfixes) that add features such as more accessible RAM, enhanced compiling, Clockwork Recovery, Blacklight Notification and several various features depending on the Kernel. Here is a list of the popular, well tested, optimized kernels (Note: Some of them include an overclock):
-hardcore's speedmod Froyo
-laststufo's Super Optimized Kernel
-supercurio's Voodoo Lagfix
-DamianGto's Ultimate Kernel
-tegrak's lagfix build Kernel
There is a frequently updated list here

General Note:
If you want to take the modding further, look at FAQ#D2 in Post#1 for a list of Custom ROMs and chose one you like. Depending on whether or not there is a lagfix integrated, you should then apply one of the lagfixes from the first suggestion. I would also suggest avoiding loop-mount fixes like OCLF and CFLF (see FAQ#A6) because performance rapidly declines over time.

Note: I9000XXJPM is a firmware for the general European region, I9000XWJP6 is for the Nordic region and I9000JPJPA is for the Asian region.

Note2: None of the available ROMs completely fix the poor GPS. Most of the ROMs noted above are provide roughly the same GPS performance. Samsung is hoping to release a full GPS fix in september (hopefully with the froyo release) It is not clear if or when Samsung will release a full fix for the GPS issues. However, it is doubtful since there is an apparently final Froyo release and it apparently doesn't completely fix the GPS.
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