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Originally Posted by Kaessa View Post

And my dad beat the sh*t out of me because that's what his parents had done to him, and it hadn't hurt him any! He deserved it! Kids need a whippin' when they do wrong! It teaches them they shouldn't mouth off to people bigger than they are! Look at him now, a responsible businessman! All because his parents beat responsibility into him! And by god his kids were going to learn the same way!

I won't go into detail what that does to a family, because I'm really not in the mood for it... but spanking your child teaches them that big people can hit them and they can't fight back, and that hitting is a way to solve your problems when you can't think of any other way.

I, on the other hand, have managed to raise four children into adulthood without beating any of them. Two of them are veterans, one is working in a tech field and his first baby on the way, and my youngest is in his junior year of high school with a current B average.

It is not necessary to hit your children to get your point across. All you do is perpetuate violence. Agree with me or not, but I came out of that kind of home and I still live with the scars that it gave me to this day. You may not think you're damaging your child... and you may not be. But what if you are? Is it worth it?
I was raised in a family where both, my sister and I, received physical punishment, and there is nothing wrong with our family at all. I was glad that they did it now that I look back, because there were times that I definately needed it.

As someone already mentioned, there is a difference between a spanking and an outright beating. If you truly have scars from the beatings you received from your dad, he should be in jail. Spankings don't leave scars, beatings do.
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