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Originally Posted by Eris Ed View Post
That's a very interesting thread! It makes sense really, making a gold card changes the details of the card itself, not the data on it. So formatting will wipe data and create partitions but the edited gold card sectors remain unchanged.

I've got a qn which has nothing to do with A2SD, but since I saw this post, I'm asking it..

The process of creating a gold card reads the 32 bit CID number and after certain steps, writes certain other data physically on the card. Since that is so, why cant we physically access the data on the sdcard to read the CID by computer based software. I've asked this elsewhere including XDA, but noone seems to know..

There are applications which can read the actual bytes off an SD card. Since the CID is hardcoded at manufacture, this data should be there as bytes. Does someone know the actual 'sector' location of this data?

I feel the qn is pertinent because there are people (including me) who have semi-bricked their devices because they forgot to create goldcards. If a sdcard CID can be read independently without a device, that means a lot of hope..

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