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Originally Posted by RiverOfIce View Post
I seriously think that the mentality of the "parents" in this thread is why the united states eduction system is 18th out of the 24 first world nations.
Sure, it's the parents... not the system that seeks to cater more to the self-interest of teachers than the actual teaching needs of children...

Originally Posted by RiverOfIce View Post
We are also 20th out of 21 first world nations in children well-being.
Originally Posted by USAToday
The U.S. was last among the 21 nations for health and safety, measured by rates of infant mortality, low birth weight, immunization, and deaths from accidents and injuries.
None of which has ANYTHING to do with education. Infant Mortality, and deaths from accidents/injuries can both be explained by how spread out our population is.

Unless you want to force people to move into cities where they are closer to hospitals and emergency medical care, then this isn't going to change anytime soon.

And you can't force people to immunize their children. It's just not something that our constitution allows.

Originally Posted by RiverOfIce View Post
If you really think you are correct, you are part of the problem, not the cure.
If you think that reading statistics tells you anything about parents and parenting... you've got so much to learn it really isn't funny.
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