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Originally Posted by Snow_Fox View Post
I am not a parent but, I am a realist. Let me start by saying, I have never done well in school and it hurts to this day why.

Next let me say that, as children get older you need to treat them more like adults. 10 is still young enough to recieve a whipping for lying and hiding things. Infact as a child that was one of the few things I recieved a belt for.

A child is not an adult. 10 is still a child. My parents ALWAYS tried to reason with us as adults as we got older by 12 they realized there were better ways than a belt.. However, my parents wipped us once good at a young age and we knew from then on. "AVOID BELT!".

I am a firm believer that if I have children, at least until they are older, the belt will be used. Usually a last resort but, it will be used.

Next.. Look man, you seem like a good person, your looking for advice and actually trying..

LIke the others said, this is a sign you need to check out whats going on and get invovled with your kid.

I Have minor dyslexia.. just enough to occassionally get things backwards.. and it coupled with a minor amount of A.D.D. have really screwed up my GPA.

My parents ignored both of those facts my entir life. THey have berated me, said I am worthless if I don't bring them up, and made me feel like crap.

My mom knew I had issues with dyslexia but, assumed because, I finally got the 9 and the P right in first grade "I was cured!".

All my life, I've never been able to pay attention to anything hardly.. In math I lose attention for a brief second and lose my place in a problem and give up because, I was tired of restarting.

I have been in college a long time now. Still tyring to get out.. I am giving up on calculus which sucks! I hate it! but, I also need to get out soon...

I resent my parents a lot for never payin attention.

INfact the ONLY time my parents cared was when they got the report card and saw I was failing.. I remember my mom "I AM SO EMBARRASSED" she yelled.. THen picked up the phone to clal her freinds and tell them! Words can not expresss my outrage over the way I have been perpetually screwed over because of my parents academically.

I don't think your son has these issue's.. but, what I am trying to say is pay more attention throughout.. there is obviously a problem and your not catching it yet.. so pay attention. It could be a bully, a bad teacher (those do happen) or any number of things.. You can't *JUST* care on the day you get the report card.

Hell if my parents were remotely invovled they may have seen I really need more help than I was getting..

Or they may have beat me thinking i was intentionally not paying attention.

Either way, I hate them for it. My brother is 17 and doing calc in highschool.. I had to drop calc last semester and I won't be retaking it (changing concentration in my major).. ALthough I really, really wish I could..

I hate finally understanding how important math is.. and having to give up on it.
You may not be a parent, but you do have a pretty good grasp on what it takes.

To the OP, your family is what you have. This life is about the legacy you leave behind, nothing more. When all is said and done, do you want to look back and say, "I had to work when my son was having trouble," or "When my son needed me, I was there." I'm not saying you're not there, because as the post above, I'm a realist also. I know you have to support your family, but when your family needs you, it's time to step up. You need to take control.
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