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Originally Posted by Swizz View Post
I just ran the same test with no strange image proxy. I would check on your APN settings, they may be set to WAP internet which may use some sort of image compression service. Also, pull up an image directly on your device and see if you get the same results.

And yes, a carrier could figure out you were tethering, if they really wanted to. While there was at one point a "no tethering" clause for Android on T-Mobie, I have never heard of any instance where they enforced it. If you're a user that consistently comes close to the BW cap every month it may be something to worry about. If you stay below I feel safe to say you're in the clear.
This is interesting... My data usage resets on the 20th, and before then I had gone over (probably a good 2GB over... woops). My speed was also throttled back, obviously. This was also when I was noticing the weird image proxy thing. One my data usage was reset, I also noticed that there was no more image proxy... I can't help but to think that this isn't a coincidence. Definitely staying under 5GB from now on though. I'm on

FWIW, I was still getting over 4Mbs under the $10 plan. There also may have been a change which allows the web2go plan to access the web via all the APNs. What does that all mean? It means that an unlocked "super phone" should be able to use the $10 plan without issue, and still experience the 7Mbs+ connection.
Huh... now that would be interesting.
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