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These additional security measures are likely going to cause some people to seek alternate means of travelling such as driving. Not everyone will be able to do this, but there will be some. Since the rate of deaths by driving are much higher than by flying, the result will be an increase in the number of deaths as a result of increased security measures.

There was a study done on the effects of the increased security measures taken after 9-11. Researchers found that the increase in number of fatalities in 2002 because of the change in travel habits is equivalent to "four fully-loaded Boeing 737s crashing each year."

The introduction of full body scanners is probably going to cause even more people to drive instead of flying. As a result, more people will die in car accidents. I think the end result is that more deaths will happen due to these security measures than lives are saved.

Probably a more tangible effect would be lost revenue by airlines and airports. If these security measure make air travellers uneasy about flying, there will be more people who opt not to fly or fly less often. These increased security measures in the US is also affecting some flights up here in Canada as well. It has made me want to fly less and even less to the US.

One possible way you can cause these security restriction to be lessened is if the new restrictions actually cost the people who are in power money. The only tangible way you people can get some type of reaction is by hitting the bottom line. Now, if people do end up flying less, it will likely affect airlines. Whether the effect would end up rippling to the TSA is another matter. Unfortunately, the TSA is not funded by the airlines, so if airlines are crying poor, it is more likely service will be reduced than for the TSA to relax their security measures.

I don't know if change can be affected on the political front. Judging by the polls, if someone were to run for office and his platform is to relax airport security measures, I do not believe that person can get elected.

I personally do not agree with the use of these body scanners. I believe that they do not save lives. I believe they end up indirectly causing more deaths than the number of lives they are supposed to save. I believe they will cause more health problems to frequent travellers and workers. I believe the only people benefitting from the increased security measures are the companies who make these scanners. If people try to go to court to fight these scanners, then lawyers will also benefit.
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