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This issue is really interesting to me because it raises a lot of broader questions, for example:

Why do so many people accept this new policy out-of-hand? More odd is people's ignorance of the full-palm body pat-downs.

And sure, I am getting the "privilege" of flying. Okay, fine. But what about the privilege of going to a crowded public event, a popular tourist venue, etc etc. Why is it that I can go to these places and no one is going to grab at me with open palms or have a look-see at my naked body before I go in? I just see a big discrepancy with regard to TSA policies that makes it look a LOT like they are having a power-play, and I am fascinated by the social response to the issue. Then again, a lot of Americans have seemed to be willing to accept what they are told is best, and defend it without a whole lot of evidence for a while.

As far as the airlines and TSA not caring whether people fly- if enough people are pissed about this to effect bottom line, they WILL care.
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