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Originally Posted by ChiTownJim View Post
I don't get why people are so sensative about this. While it's sorta invading peoples personal privacey quit being so lame . So what if a TSA person sees you naked or feels you up. Deal with it....
So what if the naked picture of your daughter is released with a FOIA request. Deal with it. I mean, every six year old girl is posting naked pictures of themselves right? Why should we care if people are distributing pictures of our naked 6 year old daughters? Right?

Originally Posted by ChiTownJim View Post
I forgot to pay a speeding ticket and ended up getting arrested for it. When I was booked they made me strip down , lift my sack and spread my cheeks. I've never had more then moving violations in my life. But whatever they were doing my job and really didn't care about it at the time. Shit happens
You have just compared being an arrested criminal (albeit minor) with simply making the choice to travel by air.

Maybe that realization will help you understand why we are upset. Criminals lose many of their rights when they are arrested (freedom of movement, etc...) That doesn't mean that is appropriate for the general public.
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