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Originally Posted by NYCHitman1 View Post
It kinda makes me angry that you have to bring it up in each one of your posts. We get it, you served your country to protect our rights. I commend you for your service and all but that doesn't give you the right to keep rubbing it in our faces. Getting tired of your holier-than-thou nonsense.
I don't really care how it makes you feel that I'm angry and pissed that I protected the rights of people who didn't want them.

I don't really care that it makes you angry that friends of mine died protecting the rights of people who don't want them. Their sacrifice was pointless if the public is just going to give away what they died protecting, and yes that pisses me off more than you could possibly EVER understand.

I'm so pissed at the idea that I'm gritting my teeth every time I read this thread and every time I respond. (To the point where my jaw hurts).
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