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Originally Posted by Ageless Stranger View Post
It is resource hungry?
I understand what you're saying, I stated, I have no complaints. resource hunger is only bad if it interferes with other operations, if there's unnecessary slowdowns, lags, halts, I've experienced none of that. I'm not a Microsoft defender, but honestly I find Vista a heck of a lot more smooth than XP ever was for me on any of the computers at any of the jobs I've had.

And being a resource hog....that's what spawns comments like "train wreck"?

I'm not being a dick, I'm just honestly curious. People act like Vista is covered in HIV and dipped in Celine Dion's foot fungus. It was buggy when I first got it, but a few updates later it was smooth. Yes, it's a resource hog, but with nothing open (yet 85 processes running in the background) it's faster, smoother, and less of a pain than my Dell XP. I have not had to once yank the battery because it locked up on me, and I can't say the same for XP.
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