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Originally Posted by noonehereyet View Post
Honestly man you are one of the lucky ones.... I bought Vista the day it came out and have had nothing but issues I downgraded back to XP waited for SP1 upgraded again... still had problems for me it has been MUCH less stable than XP with more glitches with driver compatibility with all sorts of things from my USB drives to my internal drives... locks up constantly video driver sometimes just crashes for no reason... wiped it out reinstalled same result... now I am a windows fan won't deny it but I got so frustrated with all the problems I was having I actually switched to Ubuntu.... I am anxious to see if this system is really better or not because I really liked XP... I honestly wish I had the same experience you've had with Vista but if I said I did It'd be a lie.....
Now I get it, thank you! I was getting so frustrated. My boss at my last job (IT Consulting Firm) loved Vista and had no problems, he's a big PC gamer, and said he also didn't understand why people hate Vista so much. Honestly, the people I know in real life who have Vista, none of them have had the issues you describe, or anything close. I had USB issues all the time with XP, -- like really, I was getting so pissed -- It really made me mad that "plug n play" replaced the driver-install practice because half the things I plugged into my Dell XP weren't recognized, from music players, to phones, to my PSP. Hell, at least once a week I'd turn on my Dell and XP would say I had a new printer and needed to install the software for it.

Just out of curiousity, what's your hardware? I have a Vaio laptop, and the baby has been smooth. I need more ram because of the Adobe software I use for graphic design can be slow when I have Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign open while playing music and having 5 tabs of Firefox open, but I could barely have half those things open with XP.
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