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Originally Posted by r3dpuma View Post
Any ideeas in how to change the baseband? Couldnt find anything :| I`m running JB2 appearantly, and i want JC6. I have all the files i need, i just dont know how to use them.
What do i do with the samsung.tar?
You should read that guide, although it shows you how to change everything BUT the baseband. It's pretty simple though, check it out and you should understand. Only put the phone part in. Also the .tar file is an archive, you can open it to see what's inside.

Originally Posted by quique View Post
Hey everyone. I'm new to all this, and i hate making amateur questions, but here comes one: Where do i get these Nightly builds? I've managed to find just an old one (i think it was from July or something like that). Couldn't find it on Drakaz's site neither.
A link anyone?
Thanx, will try not to bother again (well, at least until i'll fail flashing it )
The link to the latest nightly can be found right here.
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