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I actually fixed this later on. Now I'm using:

{ 1, 98304, ACPU_PLL_1, 1, 1, 98304, 0, 3, 61440 },

regarding b... I learned that when I failed to overclock the Samsung Moment. Though I had many people believing (including myself for a while) that the little 800mhz processor was running at 1.6ghz lol

Here are the indiviual patches. Not sure what I'm gonna use yet.

Other interesting things to note.. If you enable lzma ramdisk, you can subsitute an lzma compressed ramdisk instead of gzip (install xz). I'm using a custom ramdisk on my phone with the modules on the ramdisk and /system symlinking to them.

Each time I compile a kernel I generate my custom boot.img for me, and the generic for everyone else. That one does NOT touch your ramdisk. Though the option to use lzma with my kernel is still there.

UBIFS is enabled on my kernel but the msm_nand won't accept ubiformat

Just experimenting like hell to speed up the phone. the slow NAND is the weakest point right now.
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