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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post

bk2fut and Knightprincess13...
you are confused ... i suggest you read the 2 links above.
once root.. you can do what you want.. and forget it; if you choose.
I'm merely stating that as a user who KNOWS that rooting & ROMs are WAYYYYYY over her head, the only thing I've considered either for is better storage space. I'm an artsy type... writing, reading, the occasional anatomy text book- my specialties. I don't take after my superhacker father. So, I'm not going to delude myself into thinking I can handle having a rooted phone. This is me, not being a moron.

Although, if my boyfriend lived closer, I'd trust him to do it. Although I'm not completely clueless, he's much more technologically savvy.

But thank you Dan, I have a much better understanding of what each entails. I'll just wait until I can upgrade to have better storage space.
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