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So, I finally managed to locate the file to get my tablet to the .1170 firmware release. Using the System Update tool was not working at all.

The update definitely wipes all your apps. So, I now must pay for a new version of Spaghetti and Marshmallows. The marketplace has not tracked what I paid for. Thankfully, I'd not paid for much.

I should have known better, but just kinda hoped it would stay.

SuperUser stayed installed, oddly enough, did not get wiped. Z4root reports that my device is rooted, but the overclock widget says otherwise... I suspect that the tablet is nand-locked in some way... the updates can access key files, but other things cannot yet. So I can confirm a 780 Mhz clock speed here.

In my "System" app, I can tell that my build is deb-r2.1.1170, but the firmware version is 2.1, update 1, so not froyo? Kind of a bummer seeing as how gingerbread is on the cusp of release, but then, is that really a surprise?

The tablet seems slightly snappier, but not much. So, the update may have cleared out a few snags in the coding, but it's far from jaw dropping.

I like my tablet approximately 5 million times more than the Ipod Touch I had until recently, but since I'm bitter and cynical, I care more about what's wrong, than what's right. Thus:

These are the wishes I have for the Flytouch 3:
-Bluetooth Module (built in, or via expansion support)
-Infrared Emitter, for data transfer, or BETTER YET! So I can change the channel on my freaking TV! My PalmIII could be used as a freaking remote, that was back in 1999. Why have we gone backwards?
-512Mb minimum, so that uber android updates will run more slick.
-Nand Unlock, for us hacker jerks who can't leave well enough alone.
-Replaceable battery. Heck Yeah!
-Better sensors. all those cool spirit level and compass apps? Most don't work. BOOO! We are SO CLOSE to having a real freaking tricorder here! I can tell that I've got 3-axis sensors, the tricorder app can read deflection in 3 dimensions, and my tablet clearly acts like it has a gravity sensor.

I love the USB ports, and the support for keyboards and mice. I love the wifi. I wish certain videos would play on various websites, but I suspect flash just isn't perfect yet (or I need better than the default browser app)

When 64Gb and 128Gb microSD cards become commonplace, my tablet will eat Ipads for lunch... but for the most part, it already does.
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