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Been lurking on these forums for quite a bit, but after all the revelations from Math, death, and others, I thought I would chime in...

I'm an EE. Currently working in a big joint venture (google fab club). If I was Math, I would change my major right away... EE is a dying science. Everything is going offshore! I work with software and hardware (advanced semiconductors). There are fewer people in the lab everyday. And I find myself doing overseas telecons more and more.

BTW... ironic really... I write software and use it to test and debug chips. These 'radio' chips (in 2 years time) will go into a certain brand of phone that keeps the doctor away. LOL.

Originally Posted by Math-Uhhh-Saurus View Post
Thanks :]
Yeah...they say it's one of the hardest engineering majors (I think chemical is harder), but that's because you have to pretty much imagine the electrons since they're too small to see. It's really just a lot of math (or at least so far it has been which I love *cough cough* my username :] )
I did consider mechanical engineering when I had to pick a specialization, I don't know why, but EE just seemed more for me

On topic :] :
Yes...Radio works fine (and so does my market)...I personally haven't noticed much (if any) of a difference in signal, but I think that's because where I am, we always tend to have good Verizon signal
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