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Default Phone Sections: Sub-forums vs Prefixes vs Nothing

I will try to make this short. Please read the whole thing before voting - we value your input but we want you to be absolutely sure before casting your vote.

Please select the CLOSEST option to what you want, providing input in a reply if needed. If you notice someone else replying with something that totally matches your thought as well, give them "Thanks" by clicking the appropriate "Thanks" icon.

(1) Having "Accessories", "Tips and Tricks", and "Support and Troubleshooting" sub-forums, like we have now in many sections

The benefit to this set up is obvious. Organization. It also gives your threads time to be seen before they are back on page four. However it results in many users' threads being moved and adding to annoyance, as our staff finds threads that should be in sub-forums but aren't.

(2) Removing "Accessories", "Tips and Tricks", and "Support and Troubleshooting" sub-forums, and requiring sortable prefixes instead.

See the following example:

Fountaine Pajot - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

See the prefixes to the left of every thread? You can use the dropdown at the top of the forum to select which a prefix you want to single out and view. This is nice.

This would allow threads to stay where they are created and also allow people to sort (ok, not really sort.. but you get it) when they want to see only certain types of threads. This is much easier on staff and less annoying to users (as far as threads being moved around). The drawback is the added step of having to pick a prefix when creating threads. This would be required. I personally do not think that extra 2 clicks is a big deal, but this is why we're asking for input. Some prefixes may be:


The "All Things Root" sub-forums would stay, and have their own set of prefixes:


(3) Removing "Accessories", "Tips and Tricks", and "Support and Troubleshooting" sub-forums, and NO prefixes:

This also makes for easier management on our staff, and doesn't include the extra step during thread creation of selecting a prefix, but gives zero organization. When you make a thread in one of our more popular forums - by the end of the day it's down on page four if it hasn't been replied to.

This can be a problem for people wanting an answer then watching their thread go off to page one shmillion.But like the prefixes option - it makes browsing ALL threads in a phone forum easier as you're not having to go forum to forum. You just click next page over and over.

Please provide your input.

This poll is to gauge the preference of our user base. We may adjust accordingly, or may not. It depends on how overwhelming the winning opinion is, as either change would be quite the project. We have stickies and links all over the place that would have to be modified.

So, please think well on it, look at the forum linked above, and consider the pros and cons of each before voting and/or responding.

I'm looking forward to hearing all your opinions.
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