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I like number two. Especially the fact that people are forced to pick an option - it might encourage more people, especially brand new members, to think about it before posting.

And even if people pick the wrong ones, at least we can 'move' the thread without actually changing it's location or leaving a load of ugly redirects behind. We won't have to worry about members not being able to find the post either, which is something people have complained about in the past.

Anything that helps us cut down on threads that need moving is a good thing IMO. We have around 70 people capable of moving threads and it's still impossible to keep every post in the right section.

It's quite a big change from what we use now, but as a staff member I don't see any negatives, only positives.

Originally Posted by Moonfire View Post
Is the current issue that mods are constantly moving threads around? Maybe recruiting more mods would be an option as well, or even a sub-mod that just has power to move threads.
That's one of the roles of the guides
Site Rules/Guidelines

If you see a post that needs a mod's attention, hit the button.
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