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I like the way it's organized as is, I think it works in SOME forums and doesn't really in others. I feel that members don't use the subforums in many instances is because the subforums are created MONTHS upon MONTHS after when the phone forum was created. Habits have formed so now members dislike this 'new idea of subforums'. Phases, I've brought this up before, but if we're going with #1, can you get Rob to allow you to create the subforums when you create the phone forum?

I've voted for #2 because to me it's a compromise between currently what we have issues with some members in quite a number of phone forums. Also, it'll reduce the staff's workload by a lot! It gives us the organization and allows members to be view everything in one area so they don't need to click on everything. I'm assuming that the member can't create a thread without selecting what area it's in?

I would love though I don't think most will merge #1 and #2
That is keep the subforums, and if a member create a [root] thread, it goes to the root subforum. This will be a very enhanced #1 option. This will definitely reduce the number of threads being move by us.

Originally Posted by Kelmar View Post
I think option 2 or 3 would be the best. Let's give option 2 a shot and if worse comes to worse, go back to 3.

While the current setup is nice and allows for fantastic organization, it may be TOO organized (if that makes sense). That being said, I worry that option 2 may be create too much organization as well. How many root noobs are going to understand which option to choose as an example.
I agree with TS (forgot to quote him) Option 3 is NOT AN OPTION! I remember when we didn't have subforums...oh yeah...there are still phone forums that don't have subforums. It was a PITA to navigate through. I don't want to read about rooting or what case and I have to thread through a number of threads bypassing what I don't want to read to find threads I DO want.
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