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Originally Posted by Frisco View Post
I have (mild) disagreement about the Tips and Tricks sub-forums. I feel that they are quite useful and can be maintained with the addition of a "no questions here please" sticky in each one.

As long as the OP is a true discovered tip for that device, it belongs there. If is is a tip sought after, it needs to be moved to the Support sub-forum (that's how I've been handling them).

Support and Troubleshooting seems easy, as posts about "where can I get this or that app" just belong in the generic device area. But "this app borked my video player" goes to Support and Troubleshooting.
Thats fine until a phone has been out for a year. Then there really isn't many more tips that can be discovered, and essentially that subforum turns into a graveyard with no activity (even though it may or may not have good, helpful tips for new users - it would be a moot point as people will see the last post is like from 3 months ago and won't even bother checking there)

Again, I still stand by my suggestion as what seems to be a compromise between moving forward by addressing what has been a concern of members with the moving of threads (which I also will say is not completely on mods/guides as members need to take responsibility for their own actions of not taking the time to correctly place their threads in the correct subforum), but also keeping the structure of what we have now. I can guarantee a large drop in activity if the root forum was just mashed into the main forum as there would be alot more chaos (regardless of whether there are prefixes or not), and members would probably prefer to just visit XDA if that was the case. I think with the organization we have, we offer what XDA does not - root discussion but other angles of discussion as well; in a organized manner. The issue here is members (lets be honest, this seems to be the elephant in the room) are want their support type threads to be seen, as obviously they want a solution in the fastest manner possible without much work on themselves. How can they accomplish that? By making a thread in the main forum where the largest traffic activity is. Totally understandable. I would want my problem fixed fast if I had any issue with my phone. But the thing is, because we have a support subforum for that, they don't like the fact that their thread is going to a less visited forum while they have to wait for their problem to be fixed.

Just take a look at the redirects in any busy forum. Support, support, support. Take a look at the threads complaining about moved threads - those OP's made SUPPORT threads that got moved, then complained no one sees their thread in that particular support subforum.

We don't have to completely reorganized the whole place over what seems to be the most glaring issue. The Motorola Droid forum seemed to flow extremely well when it had just Accessories, Root, Tips/Tricks (this may or may not be useful), and no Support forum.
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