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Most of the frustration over the current system is probably about moving threads begun in the wrong area.

To me, the solution to that is member education. Stickies with reminders about not posting queries in Tips and Tricks, etc, don't seem to work.

I've been occasionally including a kind reminder in a post following a move. I have not done that on a regular basis, but I'm thinking that if it were done as a matter of policy, perhaps with a set spiel agreed to by Moderators/Phases, etc, it could be effective.

"Your thread has been moved from the Tips and Tricks area, where discovered tips and remedies, etc are to be posted to share with other users of the device, to the Support area, where questions belong." Something like that.

What's being proposed, the options other than #1, seem to throw out the baby with the bath water, in my opinion.

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