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Originally Posted by behold_this View Post
well i wouldn't say i fell for the 4g but my 100% free (no mail in rebate) mytouch4g will be here on wed. gotta love tmobile customer service! they've really hooked me up over the last year or so. check out this list. not the best line up of androids, but hey, i didn't pay a dime.

my free android phone count (since Nov. 2009):
behold 2
cliq (wife's)
mytouch slide
mytouch slide (wife's)
mytouch 4g (in the mail)

sorry if this comes off as braging but its really more of a shout out to tmobile for their service! this customer is very satisfied!
Wow... I would totally take a free 4G over the Nexus S. All T-mobile would give me was my upgrade back so I am fully eligible to get the Nexus S for $200. I'm not even sure if the Nexus S is HSPA+ compatible and frankly don't care. I get plenty of speed on my Slide on 2.1 so i'm sure my Nexus on 2.3 with that Hummingbird processor will surely fly. I guess I will just have to go back to using my TomTom for GPS.

I must be blackballed on T-mobile's costumer service because I can no longer speak to any americans and have less than a 20 minute wait on hold.
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