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Originally Posted by northernale1 View Post
well i know for a fact,, that the sony erricson x10 just got 2..1 and others are still on 1.6..

and my email to skype told me that it will be working on the captivate very shortly when i upgrade to 2.2..

and 2.3 just gets released and people want it already

people need to rememeber android is new,, carried over many platforms,,,

its no boring apple with only one phone,,,

if anyone didnt think there would be growing pains with this OS,, need to have another look,,

and if your GPS doesnt work,, send the phone back as my phone is just over a month old and GPS works fine,, only lag is with bloomberg app so far,,,

so there is definetly a fix,,,

boohoo on here isnt going to do you a ounce of good,,,
W ell those figures can be misleading because 90%+/- of those phones not on 2.2 yet are because hardware didn't support it. The X10 is an exception to that, and the rumor is Sony nearly has 2.2 ready for release. The fact is that there was no excuse for the Galaxy S series to be launched outdated like this to begin with, and no excuse for it to have taken a year to write the source code for it...
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