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Originally Posted by northernale1 View Post
and what makes you think they havnt been,, just maybe, when new FW gets released,, it will work properlly and no bugs,, i would prefer that then the option of release earlier and make my phone crap,,,

as there is no problems with my handset what so ever

Seems the epic got it just fine... seems the i9000 has had it for some time. Seems they were abke to.spend time making flexible led screens and new nexus galaxy s phones and resetting broken gps settings instead of...

Fixing gps
Giving us froyo after missing multiple release dates
jacking up the vibrant with a bad update
by the time they do give us froyo ill already have the nexus s and will have unlocked it for use on att.

Att is getting a ton of blame for us not gettinf froyo but is it really them or is samsung just to damn busy doing other crap to give a damn because they had their biggest 3 quarters in cellular sales in company history? Seems to me they just got another huge payday called the nexus s who gives a crap about the captivate.
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