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Originally Posted by LazyEngineer View Post
I exchanged my 003 for a new one, which ended up being an 004 - because my compass didn't work, and my BlueTooth was spotty. It didn't register at the time, but now that the above poster mentions it, the camera really IS a lot better. Indeed, one of my biggest dissapointments with the EVO when I first got it was that the camera was pretty bad. I was hoping to replace my point 'n click with my EVO, but it just wasn't sharp enough. On the 004 - it's getting closer to that goal. Also, the barcode scanner is working a lot faster and a lot better. I didn't think about it at the time, but yea, it's because of the camera is better now I suspect.

This makes me happy.

I mean, one does still need to be realistic in expectations - it'll never be truely as good as a dedicated point and click, but it's gotten a lot closer now with the 004.

By chance can you post a pic and 720p video recording? I'm curious to see how much different it is.
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