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Originally Posted by Segfault View Post
I've been running Cognition 2.1 beta release 5 since it came out in early Oct. Its been rock solid for me for a couple of months now. The Wifi has always worked great when I couldn't even connect to my work wifi before I upgraded due to Eclair bugs. My bluetooth works great as well, I can even start a phone call with my headset button using Vlingo. The GPS works about the same as it did before the update.

I haven't bothered to upgrade further because I've been busy and I haven't needed to. My phone with Cognition is just plain better and more stable than it was with stock Eclair.
It works for everyone I've talked to, and the people on the IRC are extremely helpful with any problems you have for the Cognition ROM. I have it currently and I have experienced zero problems with it, it just feels like I have Froyo and there doesn't seem to be a reason to not upgrade to this version and take a few minutes so that we can all have Froyo =D
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