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Exclamation Please help

I am no stranger to ADB for windows. But setting ADB up in LINUX based laptop is a problem....I followed these instructions to a "T"....and nodda. What am I missing?
I have read tons of posts on UDEV rules from ANDROIDFORUMS to XDA and nothing "SEEMS" to work?? I know a bit about LINUX and am running KUBUNTU 10.10 {fresh install}haven taken updates but after this is next step. Did everything you said SupraLance and get all the outputs you stated and still ADB will not see device..?? ADB is in /bin and i created rules as stated in "/etc/udev/rules.d and "/lib/udev/rules.d have rebooted and lsusb sees----THIS---

Bus 001 Device 002: ID 04e8:681d Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd Galaxy Portal/Spica Android Phone

So then I do this and should see my ID and GROUP info.....I do

dan@dan:~/Desktop/android-sdk-linux_86/tools$ ls -l /dev/bus/usb/001/002
crw-rw-r-- 1 dan dan 189, 1 2010-12-14 14:20 /dev/bus/usb/001/002

Next is to start ADB and see my device as I should by what the post says...

dan@dan:~/Desktop/android-sdk-linux_86/tools$ adb devices
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
List of devices attached

NOTHING?????So try running ADB as SUDO like some posts say....

dan@dan-:~/Desktop/android-sdk-linux_86/tools$ adb kill-server
dan@dan-:~/Desktop/android-sdk-linux_86/tools$ sudo adb devices
[sudo] password for dan:
* daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
* daemon started successfully *
List of devices attached

Still nothing??? What piece of the puzzle am I missing?? I have tried all variations of different rules to no avail. I set rules and reboot each time to be sure they take effect. The phone is an SCH-I500 Mesmerize Rooted not a Fascinate but for all purposes hardware is Identacle just different software and all the IDs are the same and I have doublechecked this....Can someone please HELP me and let me know what is wrong? As stated above am on fresh nonUDed Kubuntu 10.10 and everything up to seeing an ADB device is working and installed correct....PLEASE HELP>>>THANKS in advance....
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