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Originally Posted by isaemm View Post
If you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.
Gee - I dunno... looked more to me like marc was bragging about how comprehensive the Evo community forum is - as well as explaining what that multi-colored LED was originally for.

And marc's link does take you to where you can get info to download an apk to control the WiMAX LED Easter Egg, fwiw - and anticipating those questions and answering them a priori.

Seemed to me like a lot of positive info jammed into two lines by a guy busy helping people all across the forums, not just here.

Then again, I could be reading that all wrong. After all, I'm probably prejudiced by all of the times marc's collaborated with us to solve our problems and get our Evos back in working order.

I'm just wondering what the response would've been had marc bothered to prefix his first sentence with this one word: "Wow, " (one has to go back and actually read his post with it to get my point) - funny how tone of voice can get lost in text, isn't it?

Anyhoo - here's an idea:

If you don't have anything to say on-topic and have an issue with another user, PM your nearest friendly mod, we're here to help attack problems, not each other...
jokapp - I'm glad you asked. I would've said, nope, no Easter Eggs here - the whole thing's an Easter Egg -- until Covert_Death and marc re-surfaced that LED - I'd completely forgotten about it.
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