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Originally Posted by DAE51D View Post
I'm getting tired of pushing the power button on my Evo to turn it on, then swipe down go get the pattern grid, then finally swipe my pattern to get into the GUI.

I know I can turn off all that stuff, but then I have no easy way to actually "lock" my phone when I want to. So for example, if I have my phone in my pocket all day then I don't want to do the magic incantation, but say I set it down on my desk at work to go to the bathroom or something, I want to then lock it.

On the PalmOS, I could push the power button off and on all day long and go in and out of the GUI without password prompt. Then on my GUI screen I had a little "lock" icon to press it and it would then lock my screen and require a password to unlock again.

Does anything like this exist? I've not found one.
All kinds of options. First, you may get a kick out of widgetlocker. It allows you to customize the lockscreen, as well as set the volume key to power on. I realize that has little to do with what you were asking, but i too got very tired of using the power button. It's so much easier to use the volume rocker to wake the phone.

Now on to the real topic.
The answer to almost all app problems, as well as the answer to yours, is the app that every single Android owner should buy, learn, and utilize in their phones (in fact, it should just be assumed that when you buy an Android, you are going to spend a few extra bucks on this) is..........

You can do one of two options that sound particularly useful to you (of course there are many many many many others, but this is just what comes to my mind for your situation).
1- Setup a lock pattern on/off widget on your homescreen. It's strange that Tasker can do this, but the 2.2 Evo doesn't do it stock.
2- Setup the lock pattern to always engage while you are at work, and off whenever you are not at work. You can base this off of your physical location, or the wifi that your phone is connected to, or based on the time of day, or whatever is the most flexible for you.

Again, there are many many many many many other things that you can do with Tasker, and you will find them, and you will use them, but just know that it takes care of your current situation.

FYI, here's the 7 day free trial from the developer's website so thaat you can give it a try before you spend the 6 bucks.
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