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OK got it....2 LONG DAYS.... was missing the part about doing an adbd reset in red recovery because im running a voodoo kernel...may want to add this as it was a point that "tripped" me up following your post to a T..... Also changed platform to 10.4 out of frustration and didnt need to Linux is Linux....only syntax can change in my case it did and in 10.4 you use ATTRS and not SYSFS but if, Im running 10.10 need not sure on what platforms you need SYSFS or ATTR or ATTRS...can you clarify if you know and what are all 3 -- last 4 alfanumeric code of the device was for one mode and 04e8:681c was for another and not sure of third ? My device is an USCC i500 mesmerize and not a VZW i500 fascinate but it does not matter same HW just different SW device ids are the same.....99.9%sure at least...Thank you SupraLance for supporting you post. I want to change to platform that runs best on somewhat outdated laptop I have for Linux only Dev computer and that was Linux mint 9 not sure if that uses SYSFS or ATTRS for udev rule will get it now that i got RED RECOVERY ISSUE with adbd reset because without that your post works ot a T, and does not show device...of course I was using this post to set udev rules only and not root so... my bad that would have never been an issue otherwise....can you please help with the 2 last questions if you can......3 IDS as I may want a custom udev rule set and SYSFS OR ATTRS what platforms/syntax question? as many post vary on what syntax to use...if that is too broad a Q can you keep it as to LINUX Mint 9 LDXE -(isadora).... THANKS SUPRALANCE
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