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I've run Fedora, Ubunutu, Xubuntu (I prefer XFCE over Gnome / KDE) and Gentoo - Gentoo was my fav b/c it really allowed me to delve into the nitty-gritty aspects of it, forcing me to learn about hings like CFLAGs and such. I always compiled my own kernels, and I had boots in as fast as 25 seconds before.

I've stuck with Windows partially b/c it's easier to support when I actually use it and partially because I love to game, and there are simply some games I cannot avoid playing, and I must have Windows for that.

I still play with *nix in VMs all the time, but not to any great extent - I have too much on my plate as it is being in a master's degree program and simultaneously obtaining my second Baccalaureate being here, testing apps on my phone and on my computers, and testing ROMs, learning my way through F#, learning my way around the App Inventor (which I really haven't started yet, other than some light reading in the App Dev forums)....

I even like Mac OS, believe it or not - but my first choice is Windows, followed by *nix. If I could just take MacOS and install it on anything I wanted, I'd like it so much better....

Files for the Motorola® DROID® BIONIC®:
Motorola USB drivers v5.9.0 | Motorola RSD Lite v5.7
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