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Very sad and frustrated by this. I wanted SO badly to like this phone, and in most every respect I do but this 3g dropping to 1x issue has me ready to bring back both both of my DX phones (mine and wife's).

Some background first. I'm a long time smartphone user and have been with VZW for over 10 years. I have had several flavors of Blackberry phones and have carried the original Droid since launch day without any problems.

The issue has been described in many posts but seems to not effect everyone. I can be in an area with strong 3G coverage and 4 bars showing when I begin to use some data on the phone and it switches suddenly to 1X. The signal may stick at 1X from 1 minute to 10 minutes before switching back and the data slows to a crawl or stops altogether.
I can switch to Airplane mode and back and instantly I get my strong 3G signal back again. This problem is the same on both DX phones I just picked up last week, new in box directly from a Verizon store. I can set down the DX phones next to original droids and BBs and they will show 3G while my DX has dropped to 1X.

This isn't just a visual glitch of the indicator since the data (browser, market, facebook, twitter...anything) gets extremely slow or stops when it switches to 1X. This isn't an Iphone style "your holding it wrong" as I can hold it different ways or set it on a table with the same results. This isn't a case issue, the phone is "naked". This isn't a network issue, other phones on same network work fine in the same area.

This is a Motorola phone issue and if I had even a hint that this could be resolved with an upcoming radio update I'd have hope, but there has not even been an acknowledgement of the problem. I'd ask for replacement but really what is the possibility that the same problem exsists on 2 phones but would be fixed by getting sent a refurb?

I'm open to suggestion because I really want to make the phone work, but with unreliable data it just doesn't work for me.
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