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Originally Posted by shadowninty View Post
What I did (the third time round ) - edited to help you:
I downloaded Ubuntu 10.10 iso and burned it to a DVD-R

I booted from CD (F12 in the BIOS) and entered "Try Ubuntu"

I used GParted (topbar:system>administrative) to shrink my Windows 7 partition by 30GB

I then made an Extended partition, and made a 5GB Swap Partition and 10GB & 15GB EXT3 partitions

I then clicked on install Ubuntu (although I would advise you to leave the CD and boot up W7 to check its OK)

In that I went into Custom partitioning/installation (sth like that) and clicked on the 5GB Swap and maked for Swap, clicked on the 10GB EXT3 and used for "/" and clicked on 15GB EXT3 and used for "/Home"

There is a thing at the bottom for bootloader installation - want to keep W7 as your main? Then make sure GRUB (the bootloader) is installed on the 10GB EXT3

When you reboot you wont see any change - Windows should boot as usual

In Windows, google and install "EasyBCD"

Use that to add GRUB to the Windows bootloader
Does Gparted do OK with Windows 7. The first time I tried to dual boot I used gparted and it killed the bootsector with XP. I do not know if the bootsector is on that end of the drive with windows 7. I just start fresh now
-wipe whole disk and use Gparted to make the partitons
-format the first partition as NTFS ( as ubuntu will play nice with windows bootloader)
- Install windows
-the seconfd partion does not need to be formatted as you can just select the "use largest continous free space" during the ubuntu installation

I have to get a new desktop for playing as I am not allowed to mess with our new laptop, and all our old pcs are just outside the window for running win7.
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