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Originally Posted by tylerdurdin View Post
Does Gparted do OK with Windows 7. The first time I tried to dual boot I used gparted and it killed the bootsector with XP. I do not know if the bootsector is on that end of the drive with windows 7. I just start fresh now
Windows 7/Vista *should* install the Windows bootloader on a 100-200mb Pimary partition (so you can have W7 on a logical partition, or XP if you are dual/triple booting)
If it isnt, create a recovery disc just in case so you can re-install the bootloader in the extremely unlike chanvce that it gets knackered
-wipe whole disk and use Gparted to make the partitons
-format the first partition as NTFS ( as ubuntu will play nice with windows bootloader)
- Install windows
-the seconfd partion does not need to be formatted as you can just select the "use largest continous free space" during the ubuntu installation
The easy way out but - it takes waaaay longer and you will have to reregister Windows (limit?)
I have to get a new desktop for playing as I am not allowed to mess with our new laptop, and all our old pcs are just outside the window for running win7.

Dont worry about not being alowed, I have made massive mistakes and still got everything working again with no data loss
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