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Originally Posted by khsjsilver View Post
Add me to the list. My phone seems to be bouncing from 3g to 1X. When ever I use an app like the browser or Youtube, I start at 3g and it automatilly drops to 1x.

I was on the phone yesterday with Motorola Technical Support (Level 2 Supervisor) discussing the problem with my Droid X constantly dropping the 3g signal. They told me that they were unaware of the issue and they have not been receiving phone calls about this problem. I told them that this issue is a very big topic on the Motorolaís Ownerís Forum. They said that they donít know what is written on the Motorola Forums and that they never look at them.
They also told me that if the phone is dropping the 3G signal, it would be Verizonís fault and not an equipment problem.
This is a very frustrating thing about an Android phone. Verizon blames Motorola for the problems. Motorola blames Verizon. Everybody blames Google and the independent writers of the software.
Originally Posted by dequardo View Post
Well I don't believe them. Both about not knowing the problem and not looking at the owner's forum for their own company's products. They are either lying or ignorant. Would you want a device from them in either case?
Just for the record, my Samsung Jack on AT&T is the same way. It will go from 4 bars to no bars quickly. Also the AT&T guys don't read the forums about AT&T service or their phones either, or they say they don't. I believe it's like most insurance companies (and this goes for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc), they deny everything they can until they have to fix it. I returned 2 Captivates because they had trouble playing youtube videos, even when I had 3G service (which I had to be close to towns to get). One rep blamed it on youtube itself, another said some phones just don't play youtube videos well. BS, IMO. I'm done with them. I've only had my Droid X and Verizon for less than 3 days and I get 3G most places I've been so far. I'm much happier with Verizon and will drop AT&T this week.

OK, my Droid X was having the same problems as you guys, like I stated above. Not today. It's had 2 or 3 bars of 3G all morning, 92 dBm. The only time it went to 1X was when I covered up half the phone with my hands, went all the way to no service 120 dBm. I took my hands off and it went right back to 3G 92 dBm.

Why is it better today? I don't know, but I did change some settings last night. I activated and calibrated my GPS satellites and enabled Assisted GPS. I changed on settings on Launcher Pro as well, but nothing I think would help with the 3G to 1X problem. Did the GPS adjustment help it? I don't know, just an update on my status with it so far. I hope this may help in some way, and it's truly fixed my problems. I'll report back on how it's going.
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