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Originally Posted by Billkwando View Post
I noticed a couple times yesterday my phone acting funny. 2 times, it started vibrating randomly (like I was hitting buttons) while sitting still, and both times it restarted on it's own (went to Samsung boot screen, but strangely didn't take a year to start back up). I also got one force close on the market.

I believe both times were after visits to the Market, actually. The only thing I've done different lately is install ADWLauncher, but I'd like to think that had nothing to do with it (cos it's such a strong, reliable program).

Oh! Last night, get this, my phone got stuck in landscape mode, UPSIDE DOWN!! Like, the buttons were on the left side if you held it with the wallpaper/status bar showing right side up, no lie. When I tried to power off, it just displayed a popup box that said "shutting down" with a circular loading thing, for like a minute. So, I just pulled the battery.

Anybody else's phone doing the mexican jumping bean?
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