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I will tell you one thing right now - DON'T DUAL BOOT WITH XP it's pure garbage.

Windows 7, while being a bit of a resource hog, is much smoother, faster, and more stable than Vista ever was - it is to Vista what XP was to ME - and I abhor XP now as much as I liked it back in the day.

@Mike - since your system already came with it you're golden. Ninty's write up is a thing of beauty - follow it like a bible. If I had had the time to do one I would have - but I haven't been here since Friday, for a variety of reasons....

@Tyler - yeah like ninty said, it should install the bootloader on a separate 100_ MB partition - the only time I have not seen it do o is in upgrades, and in particular on systems that were upgraded from XP to Vista, then Upgraded from Vista to 7. Also, I have see where you can have GRUB / LILO / {insert your favorite bootloader here} as your default bootloader as opposed to the Windows 7 bootloader, but you'll really appreciate how far 7 has come when you see the bootloader for the first time. The clincher - being able to make a Virtual HD of my system and use the bootloader to load it at any time that i want to, for things like testing / etc.

It's a far cry from XP - there simply is no comparison between the 2 OSs. It's like trying to compare RHEL 4 with Qnix (remember that floppy 'beast'?). It really is that different of an animal.

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