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Originally Posted by dajuke View Post
Greetings all. I bought the Samsung Intercept a few months ago and purchased the full version of gameboid right away. So far it has played everything I have tried, although it seems Golden Sun will not work from what I read.

My question has to do with sound. Many people on this forum have posted that their roms run flawlessly, looking and sounding great. On my Intercept the games run fairly smoothly with only occasional slowdown, but I play the games in silent mode because any attempt to have the sound playing results in vastly distorted sound with crackles and pops constantly. It is basically unenjoyable to have the music going.

is there a way to optimize it's performance so that sound plays better? I usually play in airplane mode, and I have a task killer app to kill all background processes I can find when I try to play. Are there any other things I can tweak to make the sound better? Is my phone simply not strong enough to process everything smoothly? I appreciate any help, and will still continue to enjoy my games with or without sound.
Alright, I slowed down my processor and saw what you mean. Two things that I noticed helped were:

1) In Settings > Audio & video settings > Max frame skips and increasing it. Note that I'm not sure you want to do that - it may jump around more.

2) Also the same menu, you can try setting the Screen refresh rate to 30.

If you're really eager to play this, you may be able to root and install a custom kernel that's overclocked, but I don't know how comfortable you would be with that. Or for that matter, what kernels are available for the Intercept.
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