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Originally Posted by dan330 View Post
in usa.. we have huge subsidies on new phones...
which makes the old phones loose value fast!

$135 for your hero? wow...
Unroot it and ship it off.

Root might add value to an end-user, if you were selling it directly to them.
Subsidies do not affect old phone values at all, quite the contrary.

Because people have to sign contracts to get the subsidies, and thus pay more money over a longer period of time, buying old Android phones without a contract tied to it is actually quite attractive.

I sold my Moment for a nice chunk of change, as well as my LG Optimus S which I got for free. Oh yea, I also got a nice premium for my Vibrant too.

Subsidies really have very little impact on the values of old Android phones that have no contracts tied to them.
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