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Originally Posted by UBRocked View Post
I don't know what TS is running, but my kids got these for Christmas and I have installed "Knightsdominon Firmware Google Market V3" on their devices. There is a wiki site HERE with all the information to get you going. There is another firmware that a lot of people seem to be using called "Himself's Firmware V0.27 SamJr YAR!"

With the Archos 7 HT, you have to root and install a custom firmware to gain access to the Android Market. I was looking for the most stable thing to load as my 9yr old daughter and 6 yr old son are the ones using them...I'm not their 24/7 tech support! LOL

So after 2 days of running this problems to report. Nice and stable. Of course you are still stuck with Android 1.5

If you feel brave...there are Alpha builds of 1.6, 2.1 and 2.3 (yes Gingerbread) running on the 7HT. I don't recommend them at this point cause there is too much that doesn't work with all the various builds...but at least someone is still trying to improve the devices. As soon as a fully functional ROM above 1.5 is available, I will upgrade so the kids can have the Kindle app (which doesn't support Android 1.5).

For those who have not purchased a tablet yet but are looking to do so...

If you want a 7" tablet for watching movies, playing music, and web browsing...the Archos 7 Home Tablet is a good choice considering it sells for $200 or less. But understand that Android 1.5 is VERY outdated.

If you want to play games, need a capacitive touch screen, accelerometer, and access to so many of the market apps we all know and love...get the Archos 70 Internet Tablet. The extra $80 is well worth it!
I was looking at the Nook Color and talking out loud how I could root that and throw a custom ROM on it and have a working tablet. Joking with my GF I said she can get me a tablet for my Christmas and in all seriousness I was joking. So like a day or two later I was looking at the Archos 70 and 101 online and again commenting on these units. She hopes on Best Buy and orders me a A7HT now when I opened it up I was a bit surprised and it was a cool gift but it was not exactly what I wanted thankfully the wifi was not working 100% and the resistive screen blew chunks on this unit, So I talk to her and ask her if I could return it and then just set aside that money for a unit I would rather have. Well when we got home Monday after the return she looked at me and said you want the A70IT I did not know there was a difference threw me her CC and told me to find it. God I have the greatest GF, the A7HT is a decent unit for someone that just wants an e-reader and web browser and the step up to the A70IT or the A101IT is so worth the extra money if you want more.
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