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Originally Posted by droidzone View Post
Well, I'd have loved if Alpharev would include the rooting process too, a one step Root+S-OFF would be great for a LiveCD program. A lot of users get probs with Win drivers for Unrevoked.

I didnt know that Unrevoked gave Alpharev the method of S-OFF. Good to know.
i see where you are coming from.

Im in two minds about this really as the alpharev solution requires a flash of a device critical partition. cdma unrevoked doesnt flash hboot it just changed the flag in the radio stack.

too many things in one process to go wrong if it doesnt mantain a correct root or doesnt boot properly when it instigates the s-off proceedure so it fails at a critical point and kills the device

unrevoked changes quite a few things on a base rom, if you remember it takes about 7mins for the whole process and alpharev takes about the same but needing multiple reboots as they go through the process
so 15 - 20 mins of arse clenching freakout panic. the failure rate would be high just on impatient people pulling the device mid process if it gets hung on a job which happens quite often
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